Boult Audio Z40 Ultra Review: Features and Details

Budget-friendly true wireless earbuds are flooding the market, but do they deliver on sound quality and features? The Boult Audio Z40 Ultra promises impressive specs like 100-hour playtime and active noise cancellation (ANC) for a price that seems too good to be true. Does this underdog deliver, or should you save up for something pricier? Let’s dive into this boult audio z40 ultra review of features.

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Boult Audio Z40 Ultra: Full Specifications

BrandBoult Audio
ModelZ40 Ultra
Product TypeTrue Wireless Earbuds (TWS)
Release Date(Estimated around 2023)
Price (approx.) ₹2000
Form FactorIn-ear canalphone
Earbud MaterialsPlastic
Available ColorsBlack, Metallic, Beige
Water ResistanceIPX5
Eartip sizesMultiple (Small, Medium, Large)
Driver Size10mm
Driver TypeDynamic, with BoomX™ Technology
Frequency Response20Hz – 20kHz
Sound ModesHiFi, Rock, Bass Boost
Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)Yes, up to 32dB
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 5.3
Bluetooth RangeUp to 10 meters
Supported CodecsSBC, AAC
Dual Device PairingYes
Gaming ModeYes, Combat™ Mode (45ms low latency)
Touch ControlsYes
Voice Assistant SupportYes (Google Assistant, Siri)
MicrophoneYes, ZEN™ Quad Mic ENC
Claimed Total PlaytimeUp to 100 hours (case, no ANC)
Earbud Battery LifeUp to 10 hours (no ANC)
Charging Case BatteryMultiple additional charges
Charging TimeApprox. 2 hours
Charging PortUSB Type-C

Initial Impressions: Simplicity and Substance

The Z40 Ultra’s packaging is refreshingly straightforward. Its minimalist design highlights the product’s key features without excessive fanfare. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • The Earbuds: Their semi in-ear design boasts a smooth finish and a two-tone aesthetic that adds a touch of understated flair.
  • The Charging Case: Featuring a matte texture and a subtly contoured shape, the case delivers a pleasing tactile experience. Its compact size provides portability without compromising on a sense of security.
  • Ear Tips: Boult generously includes a variety of silicone ear tips to facilitate a personalized and secure fit.
  • USB-C Cable: While unremarkable, this standard cable ensures you have everything necessary for immediate charging.
  • User Manual: Condensed yet informative, it covers the essentials of pairing, controls, and troubleshooting.

Build Quality, Design, and Comfort

  • Materials: Though primarily composed of plastic, the Z40 Ultra’s construction exudes a density that distinguishes them from some similarly-priced competitors. The same holds true for the charging case.
  • Colorways: Available in metallic, black, or beige finishes, they provide a modest degree of color personalization.
  • Weight: The lightweight nature of the earbuds is a major strength, contributing to fatigue-free wear even during extended listening sessions.
  • Fit: The semi in-ear design rests less intrusively within the ear. While secure for everyday activities, the fit could potentially loosen during particularly rigorous exercise for some users. Experimenting with the included eartip sizes is crucial for optimal comfort and stability.
  • Touch Controls: Responsive touch-sensitive zones on each earbud enable convenient control. Some users may find them slightly hypersensitive, though customization via the Boult Audio app can potentially mitigate accidental inputs.

Calling Clarity: Dissecting the ENC

  • Microphone Configuration: The Z40 Ultra boasts the “ZEN™ Quad Mic ENC” system – two microphones strategically positioned on each earbud. Subtle design cues belie the sophisticated noise cancellation tech within.
  • ENC Effectiveness: In a quiet setting, voice transmission is near-studio quality. Moving to moderately noisy environments (e.g., coffee shops, busy streets), the ENC commendably filters out a significant portion of background distractions. However, its limitations become apparent in extremely loud settings where it struggles to completely isolate your voice.
  • Wind Noise: While the Z40 Ultra handles light breezes with aplomb, moderate to strong wind can still introduce a degree of distortion when on calls.

Unrivaled Battery Life: Put to the Test

  • Boult’s Promise: The manufacturer boldly claims a staggering 100 hours of cumulative playtime with the charging case, along with approximately 10 hours of continuous playback from the earbuds themselves (with ANC disabled).
  • Reality Check: My intensive testing revealed that even with ANC enabled and volume levels set to roughly 70%, the earbuds consistently delivered around 8 hours of listening time per charge. Furthermore, the case provided approximately eight additional full recharges. While shy of Boult’s claims, such battery life remains exceptional.
  • Fast Charging: In a true testament to its convenience, a mere 10-minute recharge translated to about 2 hours of listening time.

Gaming Mode: Latency Under the Microscope

  • Normal Mode: Without “Combat™ Gaming Mode”, expect noticeable audio delay when watching videos, an issue exacerbated further in gaming scenarios.
  • Low-Latency Mode: Activating this dedicated mode yields a transformative experience. In-game sound effects align precisely with on-screen action, though this does come at the cost of slightly diminished audio fidelity.

Audio: Tuned for Excitement

  • Sonic Signature: Emphasized bass, slightly recessed mids, and accentuated highs define the Z40 Ultra’s sound profile. This tuning caters exceptionally well to modern music genres like pop, hip-hop, and EDM.
  • Driver Size: While not explicitly disclosed by Boult, the driver size likely falls close to the standard 10mm for this type of design.
  • Volume: The earbuds can reach impressively high volume levels. However, sound clarity degrades when pushed to extremes.
  • ANC: The 32dB Active Noise Cancellation effectively diminishes the presence of persistent background hums and drones (e.g., the sound of an airplane cabin), though it’s essential to manage expectations regarding its ability to completely silence noisy environments.

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3 in Action

  • Pairing: Seamless initial pairing process, with automatic reconnection upon subsequent use.
  • Range: The Z40 Ultra maintains a robust connection within a 30-foot line-of-sight radius. Signal strength may suffer slightly when navigating multiple walls or obstructions.
  • Dual Pairing: Switching between two connected devices occurs effortlessly. I tested this feature with a laptop and smartphone, and the transition was consistently smooth.

The Verdict: Value Proposition Par Excellence

The Boult Audio Z40 Ultra true wireless earbuds excel by delivering astonishing battery life, capable call quality via ENC, and a crowd-pleasing sound signature – all within a remarkably affordable price point.

If these qualities align with your priorities as a listener, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more compelling value proposition on the market. However, those seeking a sports-oriented design for intense workouts, or those prioritizing a neutral sound profile for analytical listening may want to explore other options.


Are the Boult Audio Z40 Ultra waterproof?

No. They boast an IPX5 rating, making them resistant to sweat and splashes but not suitable for submersion.

Do they support wireless charging?

Unfortunately, no. Wired charging via the USB-C port is the only option.

Can I use a single earbud independently?

Yes, the Z40 Ultra supports independent earbud use for flexibility.

Is there a warranty on the Boult Audio Z40 Ultra?

Yes, Boult typically offers a standard 1-year warranty.

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