BoAt Immortal 111 Review: A Deep Dive into the Budget Gaming Earbuds Arena

The boAt Immortal 111 boldly charges into the competitive realm of budget gaming earbuds, promising an “immortal” experience with low-latency audio, immersive sound, and marathon battery life.

But can these warriors truly slay the competition and claim their audio throne? Let’s embark on a quest to uncover their strengths, weaknesses, and ultimate worthiness.

BoAt Immortal 111 Specifications

Drivers13mm dynamic drivers
Frequency Response20Hz – 20kHz
Bluetooth Version5.3
Supported CodecsSBC, AAC
Latency40ms (Beast Mode)
Noise CancellationPassive
Transparency ModeYes
Battery LifeUp to 5 hours per charge (earbuds), 35 hours additional with charging case
Total PlaytimeUp to 40 hours
Charging Time30-45 minutes (earbuds), 1.5 hours (charging case)
Water ResistanceIPX4
Touch ControlsYes (play/pause, volume, mode switching, answer/end calls)
Voice Assistant SupportYes (Google Assistant, Siri)
RGB LightingYes (earbuds and charging case)
MicrophoneQuad-mic with ENx™ technology
Weight4.5g (each earbud), 38g (charging case)
ColorsBlack Sabre, Blazing White
Warranty1 year

Unboxing and First Impressions:

The Immortals arrive in a sleek, black box adorned with their namesake – a menacing skull logo. Inside, you’ll find the charging case, earbuds nestled within, a USB-C cable, and additional ear tips.

The case itself feels sturdy and lightweight, adorned with RGB lighting that activates upon opening, adding a touch of gamer flair. The earbuds, available in Black Sabre and Blazing White, boast a chunky yet futuristic design with prominent earpieces and RGB LEDs. While some may find them bulky, others appreciate the aggressive aesthetic.

Sound Quality: A Bass-Heavy Feast, with Caveats:

The heart of any gaming experience lies in its audio immersion. The Immortals pack 13mm drivers that deliver a powerful, bass-heavy punch. Explosions rumble, gunfire crackles, and soundtracks pump with satisfying intensity.

However, audiophiles seeking balanced neutrality might find their treble lacking and mids slightly muddied. Additionally, the soundstage feels a tad narrow, limiting the spatial awareness crucial for competitive gaming. Still, for those who prioritize bass-fueled excitement, the Immortals deliver a satisfying audio experience.

Beast Mode: Conquering Latency, One Millisecond at a Time:

Gamers know the pain of audio lag. Enter Beast Mode, the Immortals’ secret weapon, boasting a super-low latency of 40ms. This translates to near-instantaneous sound transmission, ensuring your actions sync perfectly with in-game visuals.

Whether you’re dodging bullets or raining down spells, Beast Mode minimizes the risk of audio-induced missteps, giving you a crucial edge over your opponents.

Battery Life: An Immortal’s Endurance:

Endurance is key in any battle, and the Immortals boast an impressive one. Each earbud holds up to 5 hours of playtime, and the charging case provides an additional 35 hours, totaling a staggering 40 hours of audio bliss.

This means you can game for extended sessions without worrying about battery anxiety. Compared to some competitors offering 25-30 hours, the Immortals truly stand out in the longevity department.

Call Quality: Not Quite a Hero’s Whisper:

While the Immortals excel in gaming, their calling capabilities might not be their strongest suit. The quad-mic setup aims to reduce background noise, but some users report average microphone quality.

Your voice might sound slightly muffled, especially in noisy environments. If crystal-clear communication is paramount, other options with dedicated noise-canceling mics might be a better fit.

Comfort and Fit: A Quest for Individual Victory:

Fit is subjective, and the Immortals’ chunky design might not suit everyone. Some users find them comfortable for extended wear, while others experience fatigue and pressure around the ears.

The included ear tips offer some customization, but finding the perfect fit might require experimentation. If you prioritize long-term comfort, trying them on before purchase is highly recommended.

Software Support: A Barebones Offering:

Unlike some competitors who boast dedicated apps for customization and firmware updates, the Immortals lack such software support.

This means you’re limited to the pre-set controls and functionalities offered on the earbuds themselves. While basic, it might leave tech-savvy users yearning for more personalization options.

The Verdict: A Budget Gamer’s Worthy Companion, with Reservations:

The boAt Immortal 111 emerges as a solid contender in the budget gaming earbuds category. Their strengths lie in their impressive battery life, low-latency Beast Mode, and bass-heavy sound, making them ideal for casual gamers who prioritize affordability and long-lasting performance.

However, their average mic quality, lack of ANC, and bulky design might deter users seeking more well-rounded features or superior comfort.

Ultimately, the Immortals are not perfect, but they offer a compelling value proposition for budget-conscious gamers who prioritize battery life and immersive audio. However, if microphone clarity, comfort, and ANC are crucial factors, exploring other options

BoAt Immortal 111 Review: A Deep Dive into the Budget Gaming Earbuds Arena
BoAt Immortal 111 Review: A Deep Dive into the Budget Gaming Earbuds Arena

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