Ptron BassBuds Jets TWS Review

Ptron Bassbuds Jets True Wireless Earbud Review

The pTron brand several ranges of audio gadgets with better functionality and performance. Their Bassbuds series have many earbuds such as ptron bassbuds vista(Review) and air dopes that give out perfect audio to satisfy your needs. In this article we will do ptron bassbuds jets review with full details and pros, cons.

They have included a new addition on its Bassbuds series in the name of pTron Bassbuds Jets TWS Bluetooth Earbuds. It is launched with decent specifications and features. The specs, features, and more are available here. 

Ptron BassBuds Jets Specifications Detail

  • Latest Bluetooth version 5.0.
  • It gives a heavy bass output.
  • Availability of a 10mm dynamic driver for immersive sound.
  • It gives out the Hi-Fi stereo sound.
  • It has Integrated touch controls.
  • IPX4 waterproof ratings.
  • Instant voice assistant support.
  • Comfortable wearing experience.
  • HD mic for stereo calls.
  • It has a 15-hours of playback.
  • Availability of the dual-mode working.
  • Digital display in the charging case.

Ptron BassBuds Jets Full Review in Detail

This latest Bluetooth version is widely used in recent earbuds and neckbands. The pTron Bassbuds Jets TWS Bluetooth Earbuds also has a similar Bluetooth version to other latest earbuds. It has Bluetooth version 5 with a decent connectivity range. 

We have also covered ptron atom mono tws review in detail on our website.

This technology will pair the earbud to the audio device instantly without any lags. The version gives perfect audio connectivity within 10m. Once you take the earbuds from the case, they will pair automatically without a single press.

A 10mm Dynamic Drivers For Immersive Sound | Ptron Jets Review

ptron jets tws review

Get to experience the rich sound output with the help of these 10mm dynamic drivers. This earbud generates a unique stereo sound output that delivers a crisp treble and bass.

It is designed to give a heavy bass output that enriches the audio teaching your ears. The bass quality is not too high but sufficient for getting a better listening experience. In addition to this, the Hi-Fi stereo-sounding system provides an immersive sound effect with a perfect sound and bass. 

IPX4 Waterproof Ratings

In general, earbuds are preferred for their low weight and use while doing daily workouts. Thus, it will have a minimum of sweatproof resistivity. 

The pTron Bassbuds Jets TWS Bluetooth Earbuds sports a fair level of IPX4 sweatproof ratings, that gives the maximum protection from your workout sweats and little splash. 

Integrated Touch Controls | Ptron Jets Bluetooth Headset Review

ptron jets true wireless earbud review

Most of the recent earbuds have integrated touch controls that deliver better controls on the music and call with a single or additional taps. 

Each earpiece will have different touch control. The playback controls are done by single or double taps on both earbuds. The call controls will be on a single tap while activating the voice assistant is done with three taps. 

The pTron Bassbuds Jets TWS Bluetooth Earbuds has a touch-sensitive pad on each ear tip to provide smooth controls on the calls and playback. 

Instant Voice Assistant Support

The voice assistant support is present in most of the recent earbuds and neckbands. Its availability makes the controls and other works simple without taking out the phone frequently. This earbud also has voice assistant support, and you can activate it by making three taps on either earbud. 

Comfortable Wearing Experience | Ptron Jets TWS Review

The pTron Bassbuds Jets TWS Bluetooth Earbuds are designed with a perfect structure that fits your ear canal more snugly. 

The silicon earmuffs also give a painless listening experience even used for a long time. The additional earmuffs come as standard with the package to pick your perfect size, without having irritation with the small or large ones on your ears. 

HD Mic For Stereo Calls

In this earbud, they have Incorporated two built-in microphones with passive noise isolation. It works together to reduce the external noise and highlights your voice in the calls. The voice and audio will be clear even in noisy environments. 

A Total 15-hours Playback | BassBuds Jets Battery Life Review

ptron jets tws full detail

Each earpiece has a 50mAh battery that gives out the continuous music playback of 5 hours. With the charging case,  it packs a 400mAh battery that delivers the 10-hour battery life in a 1-hour charge.

Thus, a total of 15-hours is available with this product. The charging case gas the digital display to display the amount of charge present in it. 

Conclusion: Ptron BassBuds Jets Review

In addition to the above features, these earbuds can work in two modes of Stereo and Mono mode. You can use both earbuds in the normal Stereo mode and one earbud for different devices in a mono mode. Ptron bassbuds jets is available in shades of Blue, Black, and weight. It weighs about 50g. 

Pros & Cons


  • It has a Hi-Fi stereo sound.
  • Nice built quality.
  • Heavy bass output.
  • Availability for the dual-mode.


  • The vocals are not clear because of the high bass.
  • The mic quality is not so good.
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