Boult Audio Airbass FX1 TWS Review

Boult Audio Airbass Fx1 True Wireless Earbud Review in Detail 2021. Boult Fx1 Tws Features, Price in India, Pros, Cons, Specifications, Audio, Battery Performance and More...

Boult audio Airbass FX1 TWS Review

Boult has released one of its newest products, the Boult Audio Airbass FX1. The term Airbass truly signifies its lightweightness. The earbuds are so light that you won’t even feel their presence while wearing them. It is the best earbud to be released by boult in this price range.

Some other products released by boult are boult audio z1(Review) and boult audio Airbass Muse Buds. Some other companies like truke, boat, and ptron have released earbuds like boAt Airdopes 621(Review) TWS, truke buds s1(Review) Bluetooth earphone, boAt Airdopes 701 Anc(Review) True wireless earbud to compete with the Boult Audio Airbass FX1. A detailed Boult Audio Airbass FX1 review is required to understand all the fascinating features present in the Boult Audio Airbass FX1.

Materials available in the packaging box:

  • A pair of Boult Audio Airbass FX1
  • Sleek Charging case
  • FAQ card
  • User manual
  • Extra earmuffs for a comfortable fit
  • Warranty Card
  • Type-C charging cable

Boult Audio FX1 Specifications

Bluetooth Range10m
Waterproof levelIPX5
Charging TypeFast charging
Colour Variants3
Bass TypeBoosted
Noise cancellation typePassive noise cancellation
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Boult Audio Airbass FX1 Full Review of Features in Detail:

1) Sound Quality Performance of Boult FX1 Bluetooth Headset

The Boult Audio Airbass FX1 provides excellent audio quality. The powerful drivers deliver high bass music with super clarity. Another fascinating feature available in this set of earbuds is the bass boost. You will get a high bass feeling while listening to music and, this creates a vibe of enjoyment.

The increased bass gives a surrounding room feel and this enhances the music quality. In the gaming mode, the bass lessens but music clarity increases to enhance the musical experience. The powerful drivers provide high-precision sound so that you stay in the world of music and enjoy yourself.

Earbuds like ptron atom mono(Review) and ptron vista(Review) use a 10mm driver to ensure high clarity music.

2) Charging case: Boult FX1 Full Review

The Boult Audio Airbass FX1 has a premium built charging case. Though the charging case and the earbuds are of plastic, their premium built quality prevents them from getting damaged. The charging is flat and semi-ovoid-shaped.

They have a matte finish which is quite contrasting to the glossy finish of the earbuds. They have a small dot led on the front of the charging case, which beeps while the device is charging. It also has a Type-C charging point for fast charging.

The charging case itself has a magnetic lock to prevent the charging case from opening and the earbuds from breaking if the charging case falls. It also has a magnetic locking system on its inside to keep the earbuds intact.

Like truke Buds q1(Review) and ptron jets earbuds use a similar system to magnetic locks to secure the earbuds.

3) Battery Performance Review of Boult FX1 TWS

 The Boult Audio Airbass FX1 has a powerful battery to enhance your overall music time and music experience. This powerful battery helps to prevent any interruption while you are enjoying music or playing games.

This powerful battery helps to provide continuous music and Games for a whole day(24 hours) at the best level.  In a single charge, each earbud provides 8 hours of continuous music. It has a Type-C charging point for fast charging. In a single full charge, you can repeatedly charge your earbuds three times.

4) Earbuds Design, Built, and Comfort

The design of the Boult Audio Airbass FX1 resembles the Apple Airpods Pro. This unique design is one of its fascinating features. It gives a premium feel. The earbuds are of such a shape that they fit securely in your ears and won’t come out of fall until you take them off.

They have small LEDs which connect to the microphone. They also have sensitive touch sensors to control games and music hassle-free.  

5) Mic and Calling: Boult Audio FX1 Bluetooth Headset Review

The Boult Audio Airbass FX1 has excellent quality microphones and provides excellent quality calling experience. It has high-precision microphones to capture your voice.

The mics have passive noise cancellation to filter off excess surrounding noise so that you can communicate with people or with your friends while gaming.

6) Bluetooth Connectivity

The Boult Audio Airbass FX1 has the new Bluetooth 5.0. This new version of Bluetooth better and faster connectivity with the device. It also has a new feature of auto-connect. The earbuds connect with your device when the charging case is opened. 

7) Mono and Stereo Modes:

 The Boult Audio Airbass FX1 has two modes. One is monopod mode and, the other is a stereo mode. In stereo mode, you can use both buds for calling and music. You can charge one bud in the monopod mode and use the other bud for calling and music.

The gaming mode offers low latency of up to 40ms. To activate it, you just need to triple tap on the left earbud. In this mode, a crystal clear voice along with crystal clear sound is provided.

8) Other Features: 

The Boult Audio Airbass FX1 has many new features. It is IPX5 sweat resistant, so water and sweat won’t damage it. 

Boult Audio Airbass FX1 Pros and Cons

  • bass boost
  • music with super clarity
  • premium built
  • Type-C charging
  • a magnetic locking system
  • powerful battery
  • passive noise cancellation
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • monopod mode
  • stereo mode
  •  IPX5 water and sweat resistant

Thus concluding Boult Audio Airbass FX1 Full Review

The Boult Audio Airbass FX1 is indeed a one-of-a-kind set of earbuds. Even though it is quite affordable, it is loaded with tons of new features. It has many fascinating features of which one can only dream off. It has Bluetooth 5.0, Monopod mode, Stereo mode, IPX5 water-resistant, instant connect, and many other fascinating features.

It is an extremely good set of earbuds at this price range. One should never hesitate to buy these earbuds. Hope that a detailed Boult Audio Airbass FX1 review has helped you understand all the fascinating features present in it.

Frequently Asked Question

How Boult Audio FX1 True Wireless Earbud Touch Control Works

Boult Audio Airbass FX1 has many new touch features. You just need to triple tab on the earbud to activate google or Siri. You can control music ( playing or pausing) them by double pressing on the right or left earbud.

To change the music, you have to long-press on the left to go backward and long-press on the right to go forward. A triple tap on the left earbud will activate the gaming mode.

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