Boat BassHeads 950v2 Wired Headphone Reveiw


Over-the-ear headphones have always appealed to users all across the world. Over time, these headphones evolved in various different ways. Although now users prefer headphones with Bluetooth connectivity. But if you are someone who still prefers wired headphones, Boat BassHeads 950v2 can be your next purchase. You can buy them on a discounted price of 849 INR on Flipkart.

Here we will talk about all the top specifications of these headphones. Read till the last for an in-depth review. If you’re in a hurry, go through the table with all the highlights mentioned in tabular form. If wired headphones are not your thing, check out Boat Nirvanaa 751 ANC or Boat Rockerz 425(Review). Let’s get started! 

Box Contents

The headphones come in a similar package as the rest of the headphones from Boat. The box is quite large with the product’s picture on the front. The rest of the box displays its various key highlights and some other required information. Within the box, one will find the following: 

  • Boat BassHead 950v2 headphones
  • A Warranty Card
  • A Boat Product Catalog

(Boat refrained from giving a User Manual this time probably because these aren’t Bluetooth headphones) 

Boat BassHeads 950v2 Top Specifications

Brand Boat 
Product NameBassHead 950v2
Type Over-the-ear
Call controls Answer/Hold/End 
Music controls Play/Pause
Switch between Music and Calls Yes 
Deep BassYes 
Driver TypeDynamic
Driver Unit40 mm 
Inline RemoteYes 
Noise ReductionPassive Noise Cancellation
WarrantyOne year 
Warranty TypeManufacturer
AvailabilityCheck For Best Price Online

Detailed Specifications: Boat Bassheads 950v2 Review

The design of these headphones resembles with other headphones in the market

Boat Bassheads 950v2 Design and Build

The look is pretty basic. The ear cups are built of some fabric material. The rest of the headphones are made up of plastic. The cushioning on the headphones is workable. Within the ear cups, the company has mentioned Left and Right in broad ‘L’ and ‘R’ letters. The headphones do not fully engulf your ears; they’ll probably sit over them but comfortably.

The headphones are not too loose or tight. They have a perfect ergonomic fit. The headphones are adjustable via hinges that come with four markings to fit individual users perfectly. The hinges are also built of plastic. Furthermore, the ear cups can be rotated for your convenience. You can rotate them when you take them off and let them rest comfortably on your shoulders without having to take them off again and again. However, the headphones are not foldable. 

The aux wire is made of rubber material upon which you will find a single control button through which you can conduct all your commands. Right next to this button, you will spot a mic. The aux wire is pretty thick and has a 3.5 mm gold plated jack. Moreover,  the jack is designed to resist any breakage. 

Boat Bassheads 950v2 Controls 

There is one single button to conduct commands in these headphones. The button is located on the wire of the headphones alongside the mic. It’s used to Play/Pause your soundtrack with a single press. Other than that, you can use it to answer an incoming call and disconnect an ongoing call. 

Sound Quality Performance Review of Boat 950v2

Since these wired headphones come at the same price as wireless headphones, it makes people wonder what the price is so high for. It is natural to think that they probably have better sound quality. Unfortunately, that didn’t prove right in this case. The product has an average sound quality. If you like thumping bass, be prepared to get disappointed as the bass of the product is very low.

The sound quality is clear and smooth. Users who prefer listening to music at a low volume of 40-50% will find this product useful. The bottom line is that the sound quality of this boat 950v2 was somewhat worse than wireless headphones in the same price range. If you’re expecting that these wired headphone will provide better sound quality, it’ll be disappointing. 

Call Quality Review of Boat BeassHeads 950v2 Wired Headset

These headphones do not come with Active Noise Cancellation technology. Despite using only Passive Noise Cancellation, the headphones still manage to drain out excess background noise with ease. Your voice will not be loud on calls, but it will be clear with 80-90% of the background noise canceled out. These headphones can assist you with your online meetings and classes without any doubt. 


There are generally no latency issues when it comes to wired audio devices. Users can have fun with zero delays during gaming sessions. However, we recommend that you use this product only for casual gaming because hardcore gaming with complex games requires more than low latency.

These headphones will fail to provide you with sound separation and good surround sound, which will make it difficult for you to know the source of bullets, etc. If you wish to buy headphones specifically for gaming purposes, consider Boat Immortal 700

Boat BassHeads 950v2 Pros and Cons Details

  • 40 mm drivers 
  • Inline Remote
  • Ergonomic design
  • Low latency
  • Wired 
  • Average sound quality
  • No ANC

Boat BessHeads 950v2 Full Review: Is Boat BassHead 950v2 worth buying?

Although the product has a downside of not being wireless but having a wired audio device comes with its own benefits. Using Aux cable in wireless headphones is not as beneficial as one would have hoped for it to be. Users cannot make calls using an aux cable since there is no mic upon it.

But Boat BassHead 950v2 has an inline remote upon which you’ll see a mic. Moreover, there are no latency issues seen with wired headphones like this during gaming and editing videos. Despite that, the lack of surround sound and sound separation renders them unfit for gaming.

You can still use them for normal gaming sessions but not for hardcore gaming. The sound quality is poor than wireless earphones in the same price range. The call quality is decent. The headphones do not present any unique feature to make users buy them. They underperform and do not have many features to offer. For a better overall experience, consider buying other Boat headphones such as Boat Rockerz 660(Review). 

Boat BassHeads 950v2 Wired Headphone Reveiw
Boat BassHeads 950v2 Wired Headphone Reveiw
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