Boat Airdopes 641 Review

The company boAt has again launched one of its earbuds, the boAt Airdopes 641. The boAt Airdopes 641 is a truly wireless earbud with a mic that makes it more special than other earbuds. The company boAt has previously launched some other products like Boat airdopes 701 ANC(Review), boAt Airdopes 621(Review), and the boAt Airdopes 481v2(Review). Truke brand has also launched truke buds s1(Review) tws earbud and truke buds q1 earbud with enc feature in India 2021.

Some tough competitors are present, brands like boult, mivi, ptron, but a detailed boAt Airdopes 641 review will tell you why those earbuds are no match for the boAt Airdopes 641.

Boat Airdopes 641 Full Review in Detail

Items available in the packaging box:

  • A pair of boAt Airdopes 641
  • Premium charging case
  • Extra earmuffs for a comfortable fit
  • FAQ card
  • Warranty card
  • User Manual
  • C-Type charger
  • boAt brochure
  • boAt sticker


Bluetooth Range10m
Pairing technologyIWP Technology
Waterproof LevelIPX5
CheckLatest Price

Boat Airdopes 641 Gaming True Wireless Earbud Features Review in Detail

The boAt Airdopes 641 has a set of powerful music drivers that deliver high clarity music with powerful bass. They have 6mm dual drivers to ensure maximum sound quality. It is a good set of earbuds for gamers due to its Beast Mode, but it is not for people who want to experience music. It delivers a satisfactory amount of bass that is not perfect for people who only want to listen to music.

The ptron jets(Review) have 10mm, drivers, for powerful bass.

Boat 641 Sound Quality Review: 

The boAt Airdopes 641 delivers excellent music clarity and powerful bass. This headphone is for gaming. It has an integrated gaming mode known as Beast Mode. In Beast Mode, the music clarity increases and provides an excellent gaming experience due to its low latency.

Charging Case Review of Boat Airdopes 641 Bluetooth Headset: 

The boAt Airdopes 641 has a premium-looking charging case with a unique design. Its design is different from all charging boxes of other boAt earbuds. It is small and thus is easily portable. There is the presence of RGB led lights on the outside and inside of the charging case. It even has strong magnetic locks This presence of RGB led lights adds a vibe to gaming. It has a Type-C charging point and supports a fast charge.

The boult audio z1(Review) also has a  Type-C point charging but devoid of the RGB lights which give a sense of gaming vibes.

The ptron vista(Review) has a similar kind of charging case which has Type-C charging and allows fast charge.Battery Performance Detail of Boat Airdopes 641 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone: 

Battery Performance Review of Boat 641

The boAt Airdopes 641 has excellent battery power. The charging case has a 500mAh battery which guarantees you 30 hours of continuous games and music. The earbuds have a 40mAh battery each. Once fully powered, guarantee 5.5 hours of constant games and music without Beast mode and 4.5 hours of continuous games and music with Beast mode.

Earbuds Touch Controls: 

The boAt Airdopes 641 is a set of premium-built earbuds. It has touch sensors on both of its earbuds which is useful in controlling music and calls. You can activate voice assistance by just giving a single tap. You can change track by double pressing on either of the earbuds. They even have RGB lights which give you gaming vibes. 

Calling Performance Review of Boat 641 True Wireless Earbud: 

The boAt Airdopes 641 has a dual mic for calling. One is used for noise cancellation, while the other is for calling. Thus, this enhances your calling experience. 

Latency Performance of Boat 641 Bluetooth Headset: 

The boAt Airdopes 641 has a special gaming mode known as Beast Mode, where you can experience the best gaming experience. The Beast Mode offers you a super clarity voice, enhanced connection with the device, and low latency rate so that you can enjoy yourself while playing games.

The truke buds s1 also gives low latency while gaming using its special gaming mode.

Bluetooth Connectivity: 

The boAt Airdopes 641 uses superior Bluetooth 5.0 to ensure faster connectivity. They have IWP technology where the earbuds connect with your device just as you open the charging case.

Other Technological features: 

The boAt Airdopes 641 has new technology. It is IPX5 sweat and water-resistant, so your earbuds are safe if water spills on them. You can even perform a factory reset by long pressing on the sensors of both the earbuds if they are having some issues. After the factory reset finishes, a green light will blink. It has Beast mode for gaming, and you can activate it by tapping four times on the right earbud.

Boat Airdopes 641 Pros and Cons

  • 6mm dual drivers
  • Beast Mode
  •  low latency
  • RGB led lights on case and earbuds
  • Type-C charging
  • magnetic locks
  • 30 hours of continuous games and music
  •  dual mic for calling
  • Bluetooth 5.0 
  • IWP technology
  • IPX5 water and sweat resistant

Some cons

  • Low bass

Thus, Concluding The Boat Airdopes 641 Review

The boAt Airdopes 641 is an excellent set of earbuds. They may be used for music but mainly for gaming. Their low latency allows the user to have the best gaming experience. They have many fascinating features like dual mic, dual drivers, IWP technology, Beast Mode, and many others that mesmerize all. Though it has some tough competitors, a detailed boAt Airdopes 641 review has made clear why it is the best.

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