Ptron BassBuds Vista TWS Review

Here we will see the Ptron bassbuds vista review in detail. The pTron is one of the largest audio gadget manufacturers that has a series of quality products. Their products are better when comparing with other models of TWS. They have included a new product in their Bassbuds TWS series earlier this month. The new product is pTron Bassbuds Vista wireless Bluetooth TWS airdopes. 

PTron Bassbuds Vista True Wireless Earbud Review: Specs, Features, And Price

The new product has several mentioning features, and one of the latest earbuds having a better Bluetooth version. The specs and features are listed here.

Top Specs And Highlights Of The pTron Bassbuds Vista Wireless Bluetooth TWS Airdopes 

  • Latest Bluetooth version 5.1.
  • It has a Hi-Fi stereo sound with superior bass.
  • Powerful 10mm drivers.
  • It has a Low weight and secure fit.
  • IPX4 waterproof ratings.
  • A maximum playtime of 12-hours.
  • Integrated controls with voice assistant support.
  • Stereo phone calls with noise isolation.
  • Dual-mode operations.

Detailed Analysis Of The Highlights Of The pTron Bassbuds Vista Wireless Bluetooth TWS Airdopes

Most of the recent Bluetooth TWS has the Bluetooth version 5 with better connectivity. However, the Bluetooth version is further enhanced for more stability and connectivity. 

The pTron Bassbuds Vista wireless Bluetooth TWS Airdopes comes with an industry-leading Bluetooth version 5.1. This version provides strong with quick connectivity on your audio device with a better connectivity distance of 10m.

When you open the lid of the charging case, the buds will pair instantly with this latest Bluetooth chipset to experience lag-free connectivity. The automatic connect feature will pair this earbud to the connected device immediately. 

Powerful 10mm Drivers | Ptron Vista Audio Performance Review

It equips a significant 10mm drivers that deliver an immersive Hi-Fi stereo sound with superior bass. The audio quality is crisp on the trebles and enriches the listening with an elevated bass.

Further, the high-definition rendering technology gives out a CD-like sound system along with the trebles. The vocals are maintained clear with the audio output.

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Low Weight With The Secured Fit | Ptron BassBuds Vista Full Review

The design of this pTron Bassbuds Vista wireless Bluetooth TWS Airdopes is stylish with an ergonomic finish. Each earpiece weighs only 4g that feels light on your ears.

In addition to this, it is constructed to sit perfectly on your ear canal without irritation. The silicon earmuffs add a comfortable feeling to the ear. 

The additional earmuffs gave as standard with this product. So, you can able to fix the perfect one that suits your ear size. 

IPX4 Waterproof Ratings

The TWS earbuds are preferred mainly for the comfortable fit while doing workouts. So, it will be designed to resist the action of splash and sweat with IP ratings.

This pTron Bassbuds Vista wireless Bluetooth TWS Airdopes equips a fair level of IPX4 sweatproof ratings. It protects the earbuds from sweat and little splash and ideal for going workouts with these earbuds. 

A Maximum Playtime Of 12-hours | Ptron Vista Battery Performance Review 

The pTron Bassbuds Vista wireless Bluetooth TWS Airdopes packs an efficient battery that delivers a maximum playtime of about 12-hours.With a single charge, you can enjoy continuous music for about 4-hours on each earbud.

The total playback of 12-hours can be achieved with the charging case. It lets you charge your earbuds twice. A 40mAh battery is available in each earpiece, and a 400mAh battery is available on the charging case. 

Integrated Controls With Voice Assistant Support 

Generally, recent versions of earbuds have touch controls for controlling the music and calls. In some earbuds, a multifunctional button replaces the touch controls. 

This Vista Bluetooth earbud has a multifunctional button on each earpiece that provides integrated controls on your actions. A single or more press on the multifunctional button will manage the playback and calls. 

For easy controls, it also features a voice assistant that helps in playing songs and making calls with your voice. 

Dual Mode Operations

This feature is widely available in recent earbuds that allow you to use the earbuds in dual stereo mode or a mono mode. This Vista Bluetooth earbuds also have this functionality.

You can pair two earbuds together for experiencing the stereo music or use the single earbud for two different devices in mono mode. It is useful for a continuous binge-watcher to use a single earbud while charging another earbud on the charging case. 

Other Mentionable Features Of The pTron Bassbuds Vista Wireless Bluetooth TWS Airdopes

In addition to the above features and specifications, it also posses some additional features. This earbud has two built-in ceramic mics that isolate the voice from other noises and provide high clarity audio on calls. 

This product has a low weight of 45g, and it is available in multiple shades of Blue, White, and Black.  

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