Ptron Bassbuds Sports TWS Review

Sometimes a minute change in the specs or design makes an immense impact in the audio market. The ptron sports Tws earbuds, by ptron, are the newest and first set of earbuds that can be used while playing any sport.

They are ultra-comfortable and, they securely fit into your ears so that they don’t get displaced. Companies like boAt, noise, and ptron have released products like boAt Airdopes 641(Review) gaming tws, ptron vista(Review) earbuds, boAt Airdopes 433(Review) bluetooth headset, and ptron atom mono(Review) to make a prominent position in the market.

Ptron Bassbuds Sports Full Review

Detailed analysis and a ptron sports Tws earbuds review will make you understand all the fascinating features and aspects of the ptron sports Tws earbuds.

Materials in the packaging box:

  • ptron sports Tws earbuds
  • Type-C charging cable
  • Warranty card
  • User manual
  • FAQ card
  • Premium charging case
  • Extra earmuffs for a comfortable fit

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Ptron Bassbuds Sports Full Specifications

Bluetooth Range10-12m
Number of mics1
Noise cancellationNo
Type of chargingType-C
New modeDual lock for sport mode
Sound QualityModerate
AvailabilityCheck Latest Price

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Built quality and charging case: Ptron Sports Review

Both the charging case and the ptron sports Tws earbuds have premium built quality. The charging case is of plastic and, the matte finish of both its sides gives it a premium look. Compared to its size, it is pretty light and can be carried with ease. It has a Type-C port on its side for power charging.

On the inside, it has four led indicators.  Each of them displays the charge available in the charging case. The earbuds are present inside and securely fit due to the presence of a magnetic locking system. The earbuds are made of plastic and are lightweight. Their matte finishing gives it a premium look.

The mivi duopods a25(Review) true wireless earbuds, and the boAt Airdopes 701 Anc(Review) also have Type-C fast charging feature.

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Comfort and Fitting of Ptron Sports Earbuds: 

The ptron sports Tws earbuds are pretty comfortable. They are lightweight thus can be worn easily for a long time. They have soft silicone earmuffs and, ear hooks therefore will securely fit into your ears while you play any sport.

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Sound Quality and Music Drivers Review of Ptron Sports TWS:

The company claims that the ptron sports Tws earbuds provide high bass music with great clarity as it is a sport earbud. It has 10mm, powerful music drivers to ensure the high definition of music. The company claims that it has a bass boost feature that enhances the overall bass level of the music without distorting it.

Even if the company claims that it has a bass boost feature, the overall bass level is pretty low. Sound clarity is ok but, the trebles and the frequency gets distorted once in a while. Therefore the overall sound quality is moderate.

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Ptron Bassbuds Sports Battery Performance Review: 

Ptron Bassbuds Sports Battery Performance Review

The ptron sports Tws earbuds have a pretty powerful battery. The charging case consists of a massive 400 mAh battery. It gets fully powered in 1-2 hours. You can charge your earbuds 3-4 times if the battery of the charging case is at full power. You can have 32 hours of constant music and games.

Each contains a powerful battery where you can enjoy 6-8 hours of uninterrupted music and games. It has a Type-C charging type for fast charging.

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Bluetooth and Connectivity:

The ptron sports Tws earbuds have Bluetooth 5.1 for better and superior connectivity. When the earbuds are taken out of the charging case, the earbuds go into power-on mode and try to connect with the paired device.

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Ptron Sports TWS Calling Performance:

The ptron sports Tws earbuds have a moderate calling system. It has single mics on each earbud and, each delivers balanced sound to the receiver.

They don’t have noise cancellation features.

Ptron Bassbuds Sports Earbuds Controls

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Ptron Bassbuds Sports Earbuds Controls:

The controls of the ptron sports Tws earbuds are pretty poor. In 2021, most earbuds have touch sensors for control. The ptron sports Tws earbuds have a button on each earbud for controls. It is pretty tough to find the button so, changing music is hard.

We have to press on the earbuds to control music and, take calls, and double press on the button to shift the music tracks. We need to long-press on the button to activate voice assistance.

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Latency Performance of Ptron Sports True Wireless Earbuds:

The ptron sports Tws earbuds provide low latency and can be used for casual gaming purposes.

No gaming mode is present. Sometimes lag occurs while playing games.

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Other features:

The ptron sports Tws earbuds are the newest sport earbuds and contain many new features. It has a dual lock for sport mode. It is IPX4 sweat and water-resistant so, rainy weather of an accidental spill has no chance of damaging these earbuds.

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Ptron Bassbuds Sports Pros and Cons

  •  premium built quality
  • Type-C port
  • led indicators
  • pretty comfortable
  • 10mm, powerful music drivers
  • pretty powerful battery
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • IPX4 sweat and water-resistant

Some cons:

  • Low bass
  • Moderate sound quality
  • No touch controls
  • Button control
  • No gaming mode
  • No noise cancellation
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Thus concluding Ptron Bassbuds Sports Bluetooth Headset Review: It is Good for Sports?

Overall the ptron sports Tws earbuds are a pretty decent set of earbuds. They are lightweight, have fast charging, presence of a powerful battery. They even are IPX4 water-resistant, low latency, and single mics.

But the omission of some features like no gaming mode, no noise cancellation, and the presence of button controls prevent it from being a good set of earbuds. A person who requires moderate sound, high battery, and low latency should buy the ptron sports Tws earbuds.

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