Ptron Atom Mono TWS Review: Features, Price, and Specs

pTron Atom Mono Earbud Review

Are you extremely unhappy with having to buy two earbuds when just one will suffice? Why pay the price for two earbuds when you only need one? Then I have some good news. pTron, highly underrated as a brand, has launched a pTron atom mono, consisting of just one earbud. Yes, you heard me. Here, in this article, we will discuss the features and specifications of these pTron atom mono earbuds and analyze everything in detail.

PTron Atom Mono TWS review

Let us begin with accessories :

  • pTron atom mono earbud 
  • Charging case
  • Earcap
  • Charging cable USB 
  • User manual

External appearance and build

The pTron atom mono earbud has an ergonomic design and is very handy. It is made up of abs plastic and is extremely small and delicate. It might get lost very easily. The fit is very tight and comfortable. It will not get detached from the ear during any workout or movement.

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It is so lightweight that you will barely feel a thing even for extended periods. It has a led indicator which shows the connectivity.


Bluetooth  V5.0
Charging Case Battery 180 mAh
Earbud Battery Capacity 60 mAh
Sound Playback Time 5 hrs
Microphone Supports mic
Control Type Button control
Voice Assistance Available
Driver  8mm driver
Standby Time 100 hrs 
Charging Time 60 mins
Wireless Bluetooth Range 10 m
Charging Type USB
Warranty 1 year
Weight 22g
Dimensions 4.7*2.6*3.2

Sound performance 

The pTron atom mono earbud is furnished with an 8 mm dynamic audio driver and delivers a crisp and clear sound to the user. Though the size of the earbud is tiny, the sound is pretty loud and audible even when you are outside. The bass is well boosted, but the highs are a little subtle and not as prominent as I would have preferred.

The noise cancellation feature works pretty well too. However, if there is a barrier of some kind between your phone and the earbud, there will be substantial background noise in the audio. This will also happen when your phone is in your pocket. The call quality is good. You can hear the other person, but you will have to speak louder than usual to be heard you.

Battery Performance

The pTron atom mono comes with a pretty decent battery, and it supports fast charging. The earbud comes with a lithium polymer battery having a capacity of 60 mAh and provides 5 hours of music playback and 3.5 hours of calling time.

The charging case had 180 mAh capacity and can charge the earbud 3 times, which is enough for a day. The time taken by the earbud to fully charge is 60 minutes It comes with a standby time of a hundred hours.

Connectivity: Ptron Atom Mono True Wireless Earbuds Review

The pTron atom mono earbud has smooth and flawless connectivity. It comes with the newest Bluetooth version 5.0 It has a Bluetooth range of up to 10 meters and can be connected to Apple iPad iPhone Android Mac and Windows smartphones and tablets.

The connection is strong and undisturbed, and it doesn’t get disconnected in the middle of any process. Also, it does not turn off as soon as it is placed in the case. One has to disconnect them before placing them in the case manually. Else they will keep on getting connected and disconnected.


The case is tiny and compact and comes with a stylish design. It has a magnetic lock to hold the earbud together, which is very useful. It comes with a micro USB port for charging the patron atom mono earbud.


The pTron earbud comes with a button control that can be used to perform multiple functions. There isn’t any feature to control the volume through the button. To power on the button needs to be pressed for 3 seconds, and the power off the button is to be pressed for 5 seconds.

After switching it on, it will instantly enter the pairing mode. On pressing the multifunctional button once, the ongoing song will be paused or played On pressing the multifunctional button once, the incoming call will be answered or hung up.

On pressing it twice, the incoming call will be rejected. On pressing the button for two seconds, voice assistant Google or Siri will be activated.

Price and colors 

They are obtainable in a single color, that is, black. The pTron atom mono earbud is currently priced at 799 in Amazon. It is also available online on Flipkart.

Pros and cons

  • The pTron atom mono earbud comes in a single pack and hence really useful for people who need only one earbud. They are available at a lesser price than a pair of earbuds
  • It has an 8 mm dynamic audio driver and decent sound quality.
  • The pTron atom mono earbud has a good battery backup and can provide 5 hours of sound playback and 3.5 hours of calling time. Considering the case, it will last one day very easily.
  • The connectivity is almost faultless and strong. It does not break easily. It can be connected to all interfaces and all kinds of devices and therefore is universal.
  • the multifunctional button can be used to perform various functions which makes controlling the device very easy
  • The earbud and the case are tiny and portable, and the fit is quite comfortable, can be worn for long hours.


  • The patron atom mono earbud does not come with C type charging. Instead, it has a micro USB port.
  • It is tiny and gets get lost easily.
  • There is substantial noise when a barrier comes in between the phone and the earbud
  • The battery capacity of the earbud is decent, but the battery capacity of the charging case could have been a bit more.
  • One has to speak louder during a call for the other person to hear.

Conclusion: Ptron Atom Mono Review

The pTron atom mono earbud is an excellent option for someone looking for a single earbud within a budget. The earbud has a decent battery backup of 60 mAh and can give non-stop playback of 5 hrs. Together with the charging case, it can last 15 hrs, which should be sufficient for most users. Ptron atom mono tws have secure connectivity, and there is no delinking in between. The sound has clarity, and bass is also above-average. People looking for a single truly wireless earbud at a reasonable price should go for it.

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