Noise Sense Bluetooth Neckband Review

The competitiveness of the wireless earphone market has become increasingly challenging. All electronic companies are competing by creating more innovative products at modest pricing. One such company, Noise, is releasing their latest device named the Noise Sense Wireless Earphone.

In this write-up, readers will understand all specifications and features relative to this product and focus on its Battery Performance, Design, Connectivity, and Box Content. In addition, it will also act as a differentiation tool for comparing the Noise Sense with other devices such as the boAt Rockerz 205 Pro. In case Noise isn’t one of your preferred brands, then try the Mivi Collar Classic Earphone.

Noise Sense Review

Or in the event you decide to substitute your neckband earphone for On-Ear headphones, then the boAt Rockerz 660 Headphone might be to your groove.

Box Contents of Noise Sense Neckband

Users who buy this device will receive the following items in the product’s unboxing:

  • The first thing you’ll notice is your Noise Sense Wireless Earphone included in the box.
  • You will also get a Type-C Cable for charging the earphone.
  • To activate your warranty, you will receive a Noise Warranty Card with a unique code and phone number. The guarantee is valid for one year.
  • Users will receive a User Manual with all instructions for proper operation and maintenance.

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Full Specifications and Features of the Noise Sense Wireless Earphone

Product NameSense Wireless Earphone
Product BrandNoise
Product Weight30 grams
Type of EarphoneIn-Ear
Microphone CapableYes
Battery Charging Time8 Mins Charge = 8 Hours Playback
Battery Life on Single Charge1.6 Days
Playback Time25 Hours
Standby Time30 Days
Fast ChargingYes
Charging CableUSB Type-C Cable
Colors AvailableCarbon Black and Cobalt Blue
Fin Tip EarbudsYes
Fin Tips MaterialRubber
Magnetic EarbudsYes
Vibrating Call Alerts AvailableYes
Audio Driver Size10mm
Audio Driver TypeDynamic
Bluetooth ConnectivityYes
Call FunctionYes
Music ControlYes
Water Resistance RatingIPX5 Water-Resistant
Warranty1 Year Warranty
Price QuoteCheck Best Price Online

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Detailed Description of the Specs and Features of the Noise Sense Wireless Earphone

The design of this device is clean and conservative through the absence of unnecessary and exaggerated design patterns and distracting LED lights. The earphone’s design is functional too with its integrated button controlling various aspects of the device like controlling volume, control play/pause of any content, powering on, and powering off.

Furthermore, the product comprises rubberized Fin Tips around the earbuds that provide comfort to the user and supports the earbuds from falling off. Speaking of comfort and support, the magnetic attachment capability built around the earbuds makes the product convenient and unobstructed for any user. In short, the overall design of this device is simple and of plastic material with functionality and a weight of 30 grams for additional ease.

Noise allows all its potential consumers a two-color variety of Carbon Black and Cobalt Blue for its Earphones. This color variation is for personalization and customization purposes, resulting in the product having a personal touch.

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Battery Power Efficiency Review of Noise Sense Wireless Headphone

Battery performance is one of the prime features and advantages of the device compared to other devices like the Boult AudioQ Charge Earphone. The Noise Sense has a battery that lasts for 1.6 days on a single charge. Moreover, it has a Playback Time capacity of 25 Hours for continuous enjoyment.

In reference to continuous usage, this In-Ear gadget provides users the fast-charging ability to achieve 8 Hours of Playback Time within 8 Minutes of charging only. The device also specifies a Standby Time of approximately 30 Days. In short, the battery performance of this product is efficient and substantial for any consumer.

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Water Resistance Performance

Resistance of earphones is an essential feature instead of design and price. Resistance of earphones signifies the quality and sustainability of the product of long-lasting use with minimum deterioration. Noise Sense states a Water and Sweat Rating of IPX5 that protects against 1 meter of depth for 30 Minutes only.

The rating also extends to low pressured water bodies. This IPX5 rating has become an industry-standard in the audio devices market with numerous products availing an IPX5 rating like the boAt Rockerz 330 neckband earphone.

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Sound Quality and Audio Performance

The sound quality of an audio gadget is determined by its respective integrated Audio Driver and its Bass capabilities. The Audio Driver is inspected for its size and type. Noise Sense’s 10mm Dynamic Audio Driver enables the Deep Bass function.

The Deep Bass function creates an immersive environment by producing resonant sound waves for a partially realistic listening experience. Apart from the mainstream sound quality use, the earphone is sound sensitive in domestic activities as well with the vibrating function embedded in the device for notifications or incoming calls scenario.

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Connectivity Review of Noise Sense Earphones

The degree of connectivity in this earphone is supported through a Bluetooth connection. This Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity allows users to utilize the dual compatibility function of this device. Dual Compatibility is defined as the ability of one Bluetooth device to connect to two different instruments at the same time. This earphone’s Bluetooth connectivity is limited within a range of 10 Meters since there are some devices with an identical Bluetooth connection applicable within a range of 20 Meters like in the Fire-Boltt Echo 1400.

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Noise Sense Review: Pros & Cons

  • Clean Design
  • IPX5 Water Resistant
  • Fin Tips Earbuds
  • Provides 8 Hours Playback Time in 8 Minutes
  • 25 Hours Playback Time
  • Vibrating Notifications and Call Indication
  • 10mm Dynamic Audio Driver
  • Lightweight Design
  • Fast Charging
  • Color Variety
  • Magnetic Earbuds Attachment
  • No Voice Assistance
  • Limited Color Variety
  • Not Dual Compatible
  • No Noise Cancellation Technology Available
  • No ENx Technology Available
  • No Surround Sound Technology Available
  • Auto Pairing Not Available
  • Bluetooth Range Limited to 10m

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Verdict: Noise Sense Bluetooth Neckband Review

The Noise Sense Wireless Neckband Earphone is a product for the common consumer. To elaborate, given its various functions like 10mm Audio Driver, Color Variety, Lightweight Design, Fast Charging, Battery Efficiency, etc is centered around usage under ordinary, domestic circumstances.

Therefore, this device is not suitable for customers with expectations for outstanding sound quality and features such as ENx Technology, Surround Sound Capability, Voice Assistance, 50mm Driver, etc.

However, the product is worthwhile considering that at a modest price point of ₹1,099 to ₹1,499, one needs to adjust and compromise their expectations in exchange for sustainable use. Whoever is interested in purchasing Noise Sense Wireless Earphones can do so from either Amazon or Noise Official Website. Noise is offering a 5% instant discount on UPI transactions on their website with information about other Noise Products like the Noise Flaire Earphone. Hurry!

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