Noise Flair Touch Neckband Review

Noise presents its newest neckband, the noise flair touch neckband. It is the world’s first neck and to have multi-function touch controls and doesn’t have any buttons for control. It is the first neckband to be containing this innovative technology.

Due to this innovative technology, control buttons have lost their use. Many companies like mivi have launched their products like mivi collar classic(Review) to compete with the Noise Neckband.

Noise Flair Bluetooth Neckband Full Review

Detailed analysis and a Noise Flair Touch Neckband review will help you understand all the fascinating features present in it.

Items in the packaging box: 

  • A Noise Flair Touch Neckband
  • Type-C Charging cable
  • FAQ card
  • User Manual
  • Extra earmuffs for a comfortable fit
  • Extra earsupports for a comfortable fit
  • Warranty Card

Noise Flair Specifications

Noise cancellationEnvironmental Noise cancellation
Powered byQualcomm
Locking systemmagnetic
New featureTouch control
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Fascinating features Review of the Noise Flair Touch Neckband:

1) Drivers and Sound Quality:

The Noise Flair Touch Neckband has the latest and the best quality music drivers to ensure high-quality music. They have 10mm, powerful drivers. These powerful drivers provide high clarity music and powerful bass. The treble and bass are balanced at every volume level thus, does not hurt if we hear loud music at full volume. The loudness is optimized so, you can hear crystal clear music.

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Even if they have 10mm, drivers, the neckband can’t deliver the correct amount of bass thus, is not suitable for people who like high bass music.

The mivi collar classic uses 10mm drivers for powerful music.

2) Design:

 The Noise Flair Touch Neckband has a premium and classy finish. It is made of premium plastic and has touch features in place of the control buttons. It has an ergonomic design. It is lightweight so, you wouldn’t feel its presence if you are wearing it for a long time. It has a stylish design. It acts as a fashion flaunt for most people. The earbuds can magnetically lock with each other.

If the earbuds are magnetically locked, then the neckband power-downs and, if the earbuds are separated, then the neckband turns on. You can choose the metallic shade of your choice to suit you. It offers four metallic design colors (Darkest Night, Glacier White, Sea Blue, Forest Green).

3) Bluetooth: 

The Noise Flair Touch Neckband uses Bluetooth 5.0. Bluetooth 5.0 ensures securer and superior connectivity with your device. It has the feature of instant pair with the device when turned on. It has a long connectivity range of 10-12m. It even has dual pairing.

4) Calling and Mic Review of Noise Flair Touch Wireless Neckband

The Noise Flair Touch Neckband has excellent calling features and excellent mic quality. It has a dual-mic system for clear calling in any place, whether in your room or a crowded region. It even has swiftcaller technology. It enables the user to pick up and accept calls even when the phone is not around.

It is an innovative feature that is relevant to be there in this new neckband. It is the first neckband to be powered by Qualcomm. This neckband has environmental noise cancellation which, reduces excess noise.

5) Battery Performance: Noise Flair Review

The Noise Flair Touch Neckband has excellent battery power and battery life. It has Type-C ultra-fast charging. It has the feature of ultra-fast powering up where a single charge fills enough energy in a short period. It enables more battery life.

An eight-minute quick power-up provides eight hours of endless enjoyment. A fully powered Noise Flair Touch Neckband gives 35 hours of uninterrupted fun. You can fully power your neckband in forty minutes.

6) Other Useful features: 

The Noise Flair Touch Neckband has many valuable features. It is IPX5 water-resistant so, the neckband has no chance of getting damaged by water. It has low latency that enables the user to have lots of fun while playing games.

It has a call alert vibration so, you can easily pick up calls and talk with people even when your phone is not around. You can control music and accept calls using the multiple tapping touch option.

7) Latency: 

The Noise Flair Touch Neckband provides low latency for gaming. This allows the user to experience the best gaming time.

8) Touch control:

 The Noise Flair Touch Neckband has easy touch controls. A single tap pauses/plays music. A double-tap forwards to the next track while a triple-tap lets you go to the previous track. A long press enables voice assistants.

Noise flair has magnetic controls. When we connect both earbud tips to each other then music pause, and music would be play when we separates the earbuds.

Noise Flair Touch Pros and Cons

All features in short:

  • 10mm powerful drivers
  • premium and classy finish
  • magnetically lock
  •  world’s first neck and to have multi-function touch controls
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • dual-mic system
  •  swiftcaller technology
  •  environmental noise cancellation
  • powered by Qualcomm
  • Type-C ultra-fast charging
  • eight-minute quick power-up
  • IPX5 water-resistant
  • low latency
  • call alert vibration

Some cons

  • Some lag while gaming
  • Moderate bass

Thus concluding: Noise Flair Touch Review

Overall the Noise Flair Touch Neckband is marvelous. Due to its touch feature, it is the world’s first touch neckband and has made a good reputation in the market.

It is a marvelous neckband with unique features like touch controls. powered by Qualcomm and IPX5 water-resistant. Hope that a detailed Noise Flair Touch Neckband review has helped you understand all the fascinating features available in it.

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