Boult Audio Q10 TWS Review

Boult is famous for manufacturing high-quality audio products. It is one of India’s top audio manufacturing brands. It manufactures superior quality audio products like neckbands, earbuds, and even wearables like smartwatches. The newest earbud is the Boult Audio Q10 TWS Earbuds. Truke buds s1(Review) bluetooth earphone and boat airdopes 433(Review) are the tuff competitor of this boult truly wireless earbuds

It contains some brand new features. Some of the best products released by Boult are Boult Audio Airbass FX1(Review) and Boult Audio Z1(Review). Companies like noise, boAt, mivi have released their products like mivi Duobuds A25 budget tws, boAt Airdopes 621(Review) truly wireless earbuds, boAt Airdopes 641(Review), and have made a prominent position in the market.

Boult Audio Airbass Q10 Review

This set of earbuds is one of the cheapest sets of earbuds but contains many fantastic features. A Boult Audio Q10 TWS Earbuds Review and a detailed analysis will help you understand all the features in this set of earbuds.

Boult Audio Q10 Specifications

Waterproof levelIPX5
Water Flim protectionNano film covering
Charging portMicro USB
Touch controlsSimple
Total playtime24 hours
Mics TypeDual microphone
Noise cancellationPassive
Type of ModesNormal and Mono
LatencyUp to 120ms
AvailabilityCheck Best Price Today
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Items in the packaging box:

  • Boult Audio Q10 TWS Earbuds
  • Micro USB type charging cable
  • Charging case
  • User Manual
  • FAQ card
  • Silicon earmuffs for a comfortable fit
  • Warranty card

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Design and Comfort of Boult Audio Q10: 

The Boult Audio Q10 TWS Earbuds is a fantastic set of earbuds and has a pretty comfortable fit. They have silicon earmuff that tightly fits into your ears. Even jerks prevent them from falling and getting damaged. The earbuds are good-looking and have an oval structure.

It is pretty light. It has an ergonomic design and the matte finishing gives a premium look. The charging case has a soft neck joint and has magnetic locks to keep the earbuds securely while charging. 

The boAt Airdopes 701 anc(Review) uses 9mm for high bass music.

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Drivers and Sound Quality Performance of Boult Q10 True Wireless Earbuds

The Boult Audio Q10 TWS Earbuds provide the best sound quality compared to all other earbuds in its price range. The overall sound quality and the music clarity are pretty good. Every instrument can be heard with clarity. The company claims that these earbuds have enhanced bass for extra bass power.

The music driver size hasn’t been mentioned yet. It has low bass. 

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Calling and Connectivity of Boult Audio Q10 Bluetooth Headset 

The Boult Audio Q10 TWS Earbuds has pretty poor calling systems. The company claims that these earbuds have dual microphones for better sound capture. They also have passive noise cancellation that removes the surrounding sound, thus enriching your calling experience. 

Even if the company claims that all these features are provided, none of these features work correctly. When used in indoor conditions, the voice gets mixed up and, passive noise cancellation doesn’t cancel out excess noise. When used in outdoor conditions, it gets even worse. 

The Boult Audio Q10 TWS Earbuds uses Bluetooth 5.0. They have a quick connect attribute where these earbuds connect fast.

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Dual and Mono Modes in Boult Audio Q10 Bluetooth Earphones

The Boult Audio Q10 TWS Earbuds have two modes. Normal mode is where you use both earbuds in a single device. In mono mode, you can use a single earbud while the other is getting charged.

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Battery Performance Review of Boult Audio Q10:

The Boult Audio Q10 TWS Earbuds has a massive battery. In a single full charge, you can enjoy 6 hours of uninterrupted music and games. The massive charging case provides enough charges to guarantees 24 hours of continuous enjoyment. It gets fully powered up in 2 hours. 

The only downside is that even in 2021, these earbuds have a micro USB charging case. All earbuds nowadays have Type-C charging.

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Latency Performance: Boult Q10 Review

The Boult Audio Q10 TWS Earbuds provide low latency of up to 120 ms. You can use these earbuds for casual gaming.

They don’t have any special gaming mode.

Other features:

The Boult Audio Q10 TWS Earbuds has many new fascinating features. It has nanofilm covering protection which protects it from accidental spills. Thus it is IPX5 water and sweat-resistant. You can even wash these earbuds when they get dirty. 

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Boult Audio Q10 Pros and Cons

  • comfortable fit
  • best sound quality
  • dual microphones
  • passive noise cancellation
  • long-lasting battery
  •  low latency
  • simple touch controls
  • IPX5 water and sweat-resistant
  • No gaming mode
  • Low bass
  • No ANC
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Thus concluding: The Boult Audio Q10 Review

Overall the Boult Audio Q10 TWS Earbuds is a fabulous set of earbuds. It, along with the charging case, is sleek, stylish, therefore, has a premium look. It is lightweight, is IPX5 splash resistant, and has a good sound delivery system.

The few downsides like a micro USB port for charging, no gaming mode, inferior calling features, and low bass give these earbuds a lower rating in the market. If a person requires a massive battery and earbuds only for music, the Boult Audio Q10 TWS Earbuds is their perfect choice.

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Boult Audio Q10 FAQs

How Controls of Boult Q10 Bluetooth Headset Work?

The Boult Audio Q10 has easy touch controls. A single touch to control music and double touch to select the music tracks. A long press will activate voice assistance available on your mobile phone.

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