Boult Audio Probass Qcharge Bluetooth Neckband Review

Both wired and wireless earphones have pros and cons. Where the wireless earphones give you the freedom to carry out extreme activities while wearing them, they can also just as easily get lost. The wired earphones prove to be more secure in that way.

However, a neckband gives you both. You can have the liberty to move around without getting entangled in any wire, along with the security of not losing your earphones. Moreover, the neckbands do not need to be carried around everywhere in your bag or pocket. With their wireless connectivity, they can be connected to any device without worrying about its port. They are great for the gym and travel.

Boult Audio ProBass Qcharge Review

Here we’re reviewing Boult Audio ProBass Qcharge in-depth. It’s available for 1,199 INR on Amazon. If you wish to explore neckbands from other brands, consider checking out Boat Rockerz 330 or Mivi Collar Classic(Review).

Box Contents

Boult Audio ProBass Qcharge comes in a sleek box that mentions all its key highlights. The contents you’ll find inside are:

  • A User Manual
  • A Warranty Card
  • A USB Type C charging cable
  • Extra earbuds 
  • Boult Audio ProBass Qcharge headband earphones 

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Boult Audio Qcharge Specifications

Product NameProBass Qcharge
Type In-the-ear
Bluetooth Range10 meters 
Switch between Music and Calls Yes 
Deep BassYes 
USB Yes 
Incline RemoteYes 
Charging Time30 minutes
Charging CableType C
Battery LifeOne day 
Stand-by Time Two days 
WarrantyYes, one year 
Warranty Type Manufacturer
Extra FeaturesIPX5 rating, Fast Charge 
AvailabilityCheck Best Price Online

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Design and Build of Boult Audio Qcharge Bluetooth Earphones

The design of Boult Audio ProBass Qcharge is quite similar to the rest of Boult neckbands. On its right side, you will find its button controls. The buttons are very tactile. They give two volume control buttons along with an on/off button in between. Near the button controls, you’ll see a type C charging port and a mic. On the opposite side of the neckband, you’ll see Boult’s branding.

The wires used in the product are quite thick and secure. The neckband is flexible, flat, and lightweight. Wearing Boult Audio ProBass Qcharge is comfortable and fun. The earphones are also quite similar to other Boult neckbands. They are ergonomic and come with built-in magnets. People can use this neckband for jogging and running. However, in our opinion, it might get displaced during intense workout sessions. 

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Boult Qcharge Bluetooth Connectivity and Pairing

Boult did not mention which Bluetooth version they employed in Boult Audio ProBass Qcharge. The pairing of this neckband with your device will have to be manual. To pair, long-press the power button to turn the neckband on. Doing so will make its LED indicator blink.

Now, turn on the device’s Bluetooth and navigate to the neckband in available devices. Click on it. Along with its name, you will also see the battery percentage of the neckband. However, no high-quality audio feature is visible, which is disappointing because other neckbands with the same price offer it. 

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Boult Audio Qcharge Battery Performance Review

The battery power has not been mentioned by the brand anywhere in their advertisement. However, they did mention that the product of fast charge and ASAP charging. Boult claimed that a 15-minute charge would give you a playtime of 15 hours. After using it, we observed that along with saving your ears, the battery could easily last two days on 80 percent volume. 

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Sound Quality Review of Boult Audio Qcharge

The sound quality was decent. However, turning the volume up to full will make it very high-pitched and sharp. The brand tuned the sound so sharp that it can hurt your ears. For this, we suggest that you keep the volume around 80 percent and save your ears from the pain.

Other than that, the bass quality is good. But it is not boomy, which is disappointing as other neckbands from other brands offer better bass. Acoustics are also unimpressive. You will miss the rich acoustics and tuning of treble makes the voice of the singer very high-pitched. 

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Boult Audio Qcharge Call Quality Performance Review

The call quality is somewhat disappointing. The voice of the user sounds very tacky, and the mic captures all the background noises, which makes the calling experience very poor. This is highly offensive given its price as other products in the market offer a better calling experience at this price. 

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Other features of Boult Qcharge

Other than the extraordinary Fast Charging feature, the product has an IPX rating of 5. Hence you can step out in the rain wearing this neckband. However, there is no specific gaming mode or bass mode included in the product. 

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Verdict: Is Boult Audio ProBass Qcharge worth buying? 

The product is ergonomic and comfortable to wear. The battery life is extraordinary. Although the product has some great features like excellent fast charge and an IPX5 rating, it fails to provide basic features such as good bass and a clear calling experience. It’s highly offensive because all these things are easily available in other neckbands present in the market.

If your budget is fixed and you cannot seem to find any other product in this price range, then you can go for Boult Audio ProBass Qcharge. However, we think that you should look for better products to invest your money and time in. Consider checking out Fire Boltt Echo 1400(Review) for a change. Thank you for reading! 

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